Project #5 – MiracleTele

Miracle Tele is the world’s first fully operational mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card available in 163 countries, making it possible for its clients to earn biweekly rewards thanks to the tokenization of the company’s assets in Ethereum blockchain.

TELE tokens are the foundation of their blockchain powered mobile ecosystem and all members of our community who hold TELE can stack them. Similar to Proof of stake algorithm, stacking was implemented so that all Miracle Tele users can get token holder rewards.

The reward calculation formula is based on the growth of telecom network and every two weeks they distribute 40% of net profit on the telecom services between all those users who have stacked their tokens.:

  1. Go through the info and register using our Referral link:
  2. Send there your BTC, ethers or other cryptocurrency into balance. There is also a possibility to buy tokens using your bank account.
  3. Buy TELE tokens.
  4. Put them to stack
  5. Get rewards each 2 weeks

That’s it, now you will receive a passive income from stacking TELE tokens. The difference from other projects is that MiracleTele is a working telecom operator with working products. You can order a sim card and use it around the world

You can withdraw your earnings or leave them in your wallet and pay for your MiracleTele sim card services – phone calls and Internet.

💸 We give refback – 2.5% of the first deposit

✳️Our entrance:
09/08/2019 – entered with 426 EUR and bought 2028,62 TELE. Due to FUD, we did not make any announcement till now. We plan to leave them in a long term and withdraw only stack profits.

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