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hyip Report | week 5

Hi hyipleacians!

During week 4 we were continuing the conservative strategy and holding only profit cash in a work. Due to alts crash our working depo decreased to 466 USD. We continued work with 3 projects. At the end we got 113 USD of pure profit for week 4. And again – 24% in a week! Stabiity matters!

So for total depo of 952 USD (currently 466 USD in active work) we got 62% of profit in 5 weeks!!! Like in a happy crypto time huh?

Overall for today we have ALL depo cash back. And 466 USD of profit in a WORK!!!

Remember to cashback and reduse risks! We know how to manage it! You are still not with us? Join and earn!

hyip Report | week 4

At the end of week 3 we decided to wait for all deposit money to come back, so we can work only on profit money in the future for less conservative work. So our depo was 496 USD total in 3 projects for the week 4. At the end we got 119 USD of pure profit only for week 4! It is 24% in a week!!!

So for deposit of 952 USD in 5 different projects we got 50,1% of profit in just 4 weeks!!!

Overall for today we have ALL depo cash back. And still 496 USD in a WORK!!!

So in just 4 weeks we have made a return of investment (952 USD for new projects) and generated 496 USD of extra cash which are already working and giving at least 23.5 USD a day!

We are going after our financial freedom now, are you going with us?

Low yield HYIP

Hi, hyiplecians!

In our next two posts we are going to talk about three types of HYIP projects divded by yield – high-yield, mi-yield and low-yield Hyips. We will shortly explain each so it is easier for you to choose which type of HYIP’s fits you more.

HYIPs (High Yield Investment Program) are investment projects that pay investor income from the funds that new investors have invested. In other words, hyip is a pyramid. The term “HYIP” is often used to refer to a pyramid in the Internet. Typically, hyip projects look like investment funds.

In this article, I would like to share some tricks that will help you successfully earn on investments in HYIPs. Sit back, it will be interesting!

Low-yield HYIP
This category is the most “tenacious” and can exist for years. Such a hyip project offers its investors a small percentage of profitability – from 8% to 15% per month. It lives for a long time also because it often puts on the mask of an investment project, which I like to call more “Trust management that does not have evidence of its activities (Pseudo Remote Control).”

It is difficult to find differences between hyip and Pseudo Remote Control. On various Internet resources and forums about Internet investments, they are also mixed with each other because of the difficulty of dividing them. Pseudo Remote Control projects are also called “Premium HYIP’s.”