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the Richest Bitcoin Addresses and HOW Exchanges ARE RELATED?

Everyone knows the main advantage of the blockchain technology is a combination of transparency and security. You can easily find out what`s happening on the network. Also you can find out the number of transactions, addresses, and their fund on them. We decided to study the Top 100 of the richest bitcoin addresses and what share do exchanges occupy in them.

The Top 100 richest wallets are definetely controlled by more than 2.5 million bitcoins or 14% of bitcoins total supply. Moreover 0.5% of all created addresses in the Bitcoin blockchain contain more than 85% of all coins on their accounts.

Another remarkable thing is that all these Top 100 addresses are actively being used. Remember, it’s blockchain and everything is trackable– the activity of these addresses is dated no earlier than mid-2019. Recently, a few dozen addresses were read on this list, which was active no later than in 2014. 

What for the Top-100 richest addresses, then as you can see from the infographic, 22% of Bitcoins from the Top-100 belong to exchanges. These are the largest crypto exchanges in the world, and you all know them very well – Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Kraken. No surprise, they are top Bitcoin holders.

But what you could not imagine is that the richest address at the time of writing is the Huobi wallet, which stores 151k bitcoins. This allowed Huobi`s wallet to get ahead of the address located in second place. Like, if you want to get these BTCs! 😃

No doubts, none of these big guys stores all its assets at one address. Hackers, big brother… you know! Finally, it’s stupid to keep all eggs in one basket.

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