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Howdy, hyipleacians. You all knew about had giveaway in XLM and it’s a common practice to reward community. 

Today, we figured out a great opportunity to get 50 USD by simply registering and going through a simple verification at

All you have to do, is:

  1. visit using your phone 
  2. download wallet (available at iOS / Android)
  3. and go through a simple verification as stated above.
  4. Buy 50 MCO which are growing in price all the time and put them on stake

In few minutes after you are verified, you will see 50 USD at your account. Moreover, you will have a chance to order a Debit card. After you make all the steps above, you get passive income through holding MCO and 50 USD instantly. After 6 months you also get a metal Monaco Visa card with a lot of bunuses.

This is a referral program and they pay 50 USD ot both referrer and referree. Therefore if you register by your own, noone will get the reward.

Take care folks, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel