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The very first post

Hi there! The HyipLeaks project is dedicated to hype projects. We base our choise of projects on the criteria of reliability / deposit / investment term / percentage of profit. We enter all the projects that will be given here ourselves (in the description of each project below, see My Presence). A daily / weekly / payment report will also be written dayly.

Many will say that Hype projects are obviously scam projects. I agree with them, but at the same time, nothing prevents us from+making money on them during their life (what we will do here is make money on live hyip-projects). We must understand all the risks and soberly assess where, for what purpose and for what amount you are ready to enter. Enter only those amounts that are not a pity to lose in case of a project scam. Here, in principle, everything is like everywhere else – you earn on some project, you lose on some, the main thing is that the result should be a positive result.

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