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Mid-yield and high-yield HYIP

Previously, we talked about Low-Yield Hyips. Today we will cover Mid-Yield and High-Yield Hyips. These 2 HYIP projects offer investors 16-60% profit per month. Naturally, their lifespan is significantly shorter than low-income ones. Medium-income live for up to several months, and high-income may not last even a week.

You can invest in HYIPs only through electronic payment systems. For the “HYIP builders”, the anonymous Liberty Reserve was an ideal option, but after it was closed by US authorities, Advanced Cash is now more actively used.

In the “tariff plans” of such investment hypes, a fixed income is prescribed, depending on the amount of the deposit and the timing of the investment.

An interesting moment! In medium and high-profit hype projects, payments that go through the same Perfect Money in most cases are made instantly in auto mode. Thus, you can quickly track the current state of solvency of HYIPS.

P.S. Now in Crypto era HYIP’s use crypto as payment method very often too.