Profit Review 31/07/2019 – 18/08/2019

Hi, hyipleaceans!

Let’s sum up our work for first 3 weeks.

Week 1 – 12,6% profit, in total of 74USD
Week 2 – 22,3% profit, in total of 131USD
Week 3 – 16% profit, in total of 153USD

Our max deposit in those 3 weeks was 952USD, which was diversified in 3 different projects with different plans. Total profit for 3 weeks is 358,15USD and that is overall 37,6% in just 3 weeks!

Currently we still have 510USD in 2 projects and 442USD out of projects. During Week 4 we will take decision where to invest next and will we reinvest in some projects which we are currently working with.

Stay tuned and make money with us! If you’d invested with us, by using our ref links, you had already earned 40,1% of pure profit just in 3 weeks!

✅ Link to our math table ✅

Project #3 – Zonders

Qualitatively prepared mid-percent with a smooth development of the platform. According to legend, the Zonders hyip-project makes trading transactions on commodity exchanges. Marketing is working and is designed to accrue interest only on business days. The project is well suited to diversify the investment portfolio.

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💸 Refback: 2.5% of the contribution (except for the plan “106%”).

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Project #2 – Finastone

Familiar design, cool rates and a leisurely start, from the moment of which more than 2 months have passed and people only recently began to join. Plus at the moment, only cryptocurrency is accepted.

Two tariffs are presented:
Accepts: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Ethereum.
Minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC.
Minimum withdrawal: 0.003 BTC.
Payout schedule: up to 24 hours.

  1. Daily plan: 5% per day for 30 business days. Total 150% of revenue.
  2. Fixed plan: 10% after 10 calendar days.

➡️ Register:

💸 Refback: 2.5% of the deposit

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Project #1 – CloudToken

Step-by-step instructions on how to use CloudToken and make money on this #BTC:

  1. Read
  2. Download the Cloud token wallet in the AppStore or GooglePlay.
  3. Run the application and enter the code – 1010585398
  4. Create a password, a payment password, and save a phrase of 12 words.
  5. You will receive a login to enter, which must be recorded!
  6. Send there your BTC, ethers or other cryptocurrency into balance.
  7. Install two-factor protection (without it you cannot create a deposit)
  8. Click on Projects / Jarvis and activate the deposit!
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The very first post

Hi there! The HyipLeaks project is dedicated to hype projects. We base our choise of projects on the criteria of reliability / deposit / investment term / percentage of profit. We enter all the projects that will be given here ourselves (in the description of each project below, see My Presence). A daily / weekly / payment report will also be written dayly.

Many will say that Hype projects are obviously scam projects. I agree with them, but at the same time, nothing prevents us from+making money on them during their life (what we will do here is make money on live hyip-projects). We must understand all the risks and soberly assess where, for what purpose and for what amount you are ready to enter. Enter only those amounts that are not a pity to lose in case of a project scam. Here, in principle, everything is like everywhere else – you earn on some project, you lose on some, the main thing is that the result should be a positive result.

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